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Learning Through Simulation

Laparoscopic Task Inserts

  • Playground
  • ScopeSense Task
    ScopeSense Camera Handling Assessment
  • Four laparoscopic skill building tasks
    Skill Building Tasks
  • 3-Dmed soft tissue suture pad
    Soft Tissue Suture Pad
  • Directional soft tissue Suture Pad
    Directional Suture Pad
  • Bowel section double layer for general surgery skills
    Bowel Sections
  • Penrose drain
    Penrose Drain
  • Foam models for suturing skill development
    Foam Models
  • Embedded vessel model for anastomosis practice
    Embedded Vessel Model
  • Pancreas
  • Ureter
  • Developed by Kate O'Hanlan for the Holiotomy Challenge
  • LifeLike BioTissue Vaginal Cuff for Laparoscopic Training
    Vaginal Cuff
  • Ectopic Pregnancy Model
    Ectopic Pregnancy Model
  • Organ Crossword Puzzle for MITS
    Organ Crossword Puzzle
  • Tray of organs for laparoscopic trainers
    Tray of Organs
  • Laparoscopic Training - Object Discovery
    Object Discovery
  • Vesico Urethral Anastomosis Kit
    Vesico-Urethral Anastomosis Model
  • Specimen Mounting Pad for pinning
    Specimen Mounting Pad
  • Tissue mounting board for use in laparoscopic trainers
    Tissue Mounting Board
  • Surgical practice board by 3-Dmed
    Surgical Practice Board
  • Practice Board for Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery
    Practice Board for FLS®
  • Laparoscopic Penrose Drain & Holiotomy Holder
    Penrose Drain & Holiotomy™ Holder
  • Vaginal Cuff & Ectopic Pregnancy Holder for laparoscopic practice
    Vaginal Cuff & Ectopic Pregnancy Holder
  • Specimen Tray for use with 3-Dmed T-5
    Specimen Tray