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Learning Through Simulation

Aortic Valve and Base

Aortic Valve Model
Aortic Valve Model
$100.00 DLL0109AV19

The Aortic Valve feels, cuts, sutures, and behaves like real live tissue. The Aortic Valve mimics human aortic root with annulus and coronaries with the same tactical and mechanical properties of a real aortic root. This is a great tool for the training of aortic valve repair and replacement.  The valve can be secured using the Aortic Valve Base, or the Adjustable Aortic Valve Base.


Aortic valve Base
Aortic Valve Base
$55.00 DLL1103AB

High quality and durable valve holders used to secure the Aortic Valve. The basic Aortic Valve Base keeps the valve in one secure, upright position while trainees practice.

High Quality. Durable. Re-Usable.

Aortic Valve Base Adjustable
Aortic Valve Base - Adjustable
$85.00 DLL1104AVB

The Adjustable Aortic Valve Base is for a more realistic training experience, as it can be used to simulate the anatomical positioning of the valve. Both models come with a suction cup base that attaches to most surfaces.

High Quality. Durable. Re-Usable.